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Meet Chérie Oduwole – Your Website Optimization Specialist

Hello! I'm Chérie Oduwole. Over the last decade, I've been on a mission: to transform potential into performance for websites just like yours. From developing websites to launching my own e-commerce stores and steering online strategies for leading businesses, I've navigated the digital landscape to bring you the insights that matter.

It all started with a simple observation – passionate business owners, brimming with vision but hitting a wall when it came to their websites' conversion rates. This gap between traffic and transactions, coupled with a frequent plea for help I encountered among online communities, sparked a resolve in me. I knew it was time to bridge that gap.

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I began building and analyzing websites in 2013. 5 years ago, I started a Virtual Assistance business while running my own e-commerce stores. Managing several platforms for major businesses in several industries, I played a pivotal role in achieving significant milestones, including a notable $1M in sales for one client. This hands-on experience began the foundation for Audit by Chérie.

Witnessing business owners' struggles with low conversions despite high website traffic, and seeing the 'leaks' in their sales funnels, I was compelled to act. My goal with Audit by Chérie is clear: to demystify website optimization for you, the business owner, making it straightforward to enhance your site's conversion rate effectively.

My tenure as a customer experience/tech specialist and web developer, coupled with running a virtual assistance business, afforded me a dual perspective that's rare in our industry. I see through the eyes of both the business owner and the customer, ensuring your audit encompasses all angles for maximum impact.

What This Means for You

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from strategies forged in the success and challenges of real-world service and e-commerce businesses.
  • Customer-First Recommendations: Leverage insights designed to delight your audience and convert interest into action.
  • Accessible Solutions: Even if you're not tech-savvy, my approach breaks down complex strategies into clear, actionable steps.

Your website can be your most powerful business asset, and with Audit by Chérie, you're one step closer to unlocking its full potential. Ready to transform your visitors into valued customers?

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Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"Kind, friendly and very supportive customer service was the thing that I liked best. I loved the report due to the commonsense improvements for things that were "staring me in the face", but I just didn't see. I feel this report will definitely help me make my website more user friendly moving forward. I highly recommend Chérie's services to anyone needing a thorough (and doable) website audit."

- Christine Welsh, ChrisW Designs (Australia)

Audit by Chérie Report

The Report

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your website? Imagine this: 'The Report' from Audit by Chérie— a handwritten personalized optimization audit report crafted just for you.

Inside 'The Report,' I thoroughly analyze your website, identifying areas for improvement and offering tailored solutions . Whether you're struggling to generate sales or aiming to enhance your online performance, 'The Report' serves as your comprehensive roadmap to success.

With my unique approach, you have two options to explore your website's optimization journey:

  1. Comprehensive Report + Video Analysis: Receive 'The Report' along with a detailed video where I walk through all my findings on your site and provide recommendations for improvement.

  2. Ideal Customer Experience Video: Alternatively, choose the Ideal Customer Experience video, where I step into the shoes of your ideal customer visiting your site for the first time. Witness firsthand how a potential customer interacts with your website—where they engage, where they may drop off, and what questions they may have.

Are you ready to invest in your success? 'The Report' awaits, poised to empower you, inspire you, and propel you toward a future filled with promise and prosperity.

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Key Areas of Focus

User Experience & Design Enhancement

Upgrade your site into a user-friendly hub that captivates and retains visitors. Specific focus on navigation ease, aesthetic appeal, and interactive elements to boost engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Tailored SEO Strategies

Elevate your online visibility with custom SEO tactics. Whether you're battling to appear on the first search results page or seeking to dominate niche keywords, receive actionable strategies for organic growth and increased traffic.

Content Optimization

Refine your messaging to speak directly to your target audience. Enhance content clarity, relevance, and engagement to foster stronger connections and drive actions, from newsletter sign-ups to product inquiries.

Technical Performance Analysis

Uncover and fix technical snags that hamper site efficiency. From slow load times to broken links, each fix is aimed at providing a seamless experience for your users, contributing to higher retention and conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Transform every page into a strategic touchpoint that nudges visitors towards desired actions, be it completing a purchase, booking a service, or submitting a form. This is about turning passive browsers into active participants.

Competitive Benchmarking

Gain a competitive edge with a thorough analysis of where you stand against your competitors in terms of SEO and user experience. Leverage this insight to craft strategies that not only match but surpass industry standards.

See The Report in Action With an Embedded Sample

Dive into the embedded sample report for ZenScape Gardens, an urban landscaping business focused on creating tranquil, Zen-inspired garden spaces. Witness how the report works towards maximizing website conversions by increasing contact form submissions. This sample report showcases the commitment to delivering personalized, actionable insights tailored to your unique needs and objectives, providing practical solutions and strategic recommendations for meaningful improvements.

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Step into the Shoes of Your Ideal Customer

Experience firsthand how your website resonates with potential customers with the sample Ideal Customer Experience video for Joyfully Managed Life, by Jessica Eastman Stewart.

In this video, I explore the journey of a potential customer visiting Jessica's website for the first time, focusing on increasing newsletter subscribers and showcasing the ease of working with her. Watch as I navigate through the site, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance user experience and drive conversions.

Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"The video review was incredibly helpful! I was able to watch it and take notes about updates to make to my website. Within half an hour after watching the video I'd already made some quick but meaningful tweaks to my website that are helping me get more email subscribers!"

- Jessica Eastman Stewart, Joyfully Managed Life (United States)

Man using website optimization audit report from Audit by Chérie

Why Get The Report?

Choosing The Report from Audit by Chérie brings a host of distinctive advantages that set it apart from full-service agencies and other website optimization services:

Bespoke Analysis Aligned With Your Goals

Unlike generic audits, every aspect of The Report is tailored to your specific business goals and target market, ensuring precise and relevant recommendations.

Handwritten for Precision and Personalization

Each audit is meticulously handwritten, reflecting a commitment to detail and a personalized approach unmatched in automated reports.

Focused Expertise, Unbiased Insights

My service is dedicated solely to auditing, which means you get in-depth, unbiased recommendations without any pressure for additional implementation services.

Direct Collaboration with a Seasoned Expert

Working with Audit by Chérie means you have direct access to me, ensuring a deep, personal understanding of your website's unique challenges and opportunities.

Clear, Accessible Reporting

Say goodbye to complex jargon. The Report breaks down technical details into clear, actionable insights, making it easy for anyone to understand and implement.

Strategies Benefiting Users and Business Alike

Recommendations are crafted to improve user experience and achieve business goals, providing a dual advantage.

Efficient Optimization, Not Overhaul

I focus on enhancing what you already have, offering a time and cost-efficient way to boost your website's effectiveness without the need for a complete redesign.

Discover the unmatched value of The Report, and take the first step towards transforming your online presence!

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Trusted Partners

In my quest to deliver unparalleled website optimization services, Audit by Chérie collaborates with leading platforms and tools across the industry. These strategic partnerships enable your website to not only meet but exceed industry standards by leveraging cutting-edge technology and insights. To ensure you can fully capitalize on these advanced solutions, I pass on exclusive discounts from these partners to you and offer targeted assistance in setting up these accounts, providing you with the foundation needed to effectively implement the comprehensive audit recommendations.

Audit by Chérie Shopify Parner Badge

E-commerce Store Builder

Audit by Chérie Termly Parner Badge

Legal Policy Creator

Audit by Chérie Leadpages Parner Badge

Landing Page Builder

Audit by Chérie Hotjar Parner Badge

Website Analytics Tool

Audit by Chérie HoneyBook Parner Badge

Service Business CRM

Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"I knew I needed help with sales funnels because I didn’t know what they were, what you put in them or how they could relate to my business. She was excellent in finding out the problem I had and finding the answers - even asking whether I wanted a written or video answer! She was easy to work with and found me not only something written but some illustrations to go with it so that I could get the exact information I needed. This was beyond what she had initially intended to offer so I am delighted to recommend her."

- Anika D, Blogger (United States)

Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"I gained new and useful insights into my website. I'm clear on what I need to change and improve. Chérie was very helpful and kind and truly cared about my success."

- Ivana Leko, Artful Haven (Germany)

Your Questions, Answered

  • Will a Website Optimization Audit Benefit Me?
    • It's great that you're considering the benefits of a website optimization audit for your site! If you're feeling unsure about your website's current performance, puzzled about how to enhance it, or simply wondering if an audit can maximize your conversions, I encourage you to take my 1-minute website efficiency quiz. This quiz is designed to evaluate how effectively your website engages visitors and converts them into customers. If an audit seems like a good next step for you, you'll be provided with the opportunity to receive a complimentary personalized SEO report to kickstart your optimization journey.

    • Following your request for an audit, I review the details you provide along with your website. Should I determine that an audit might not be the most beneficial next step for your specific needs, I'll be upfront about it, explaining my reasoning and suggesting alternative strategies that better align with your objectives. Eager to see how your website measures up? Click here to take the quiz and uncover the potential next steps on your optimization path!

  • How Does the Booking Process Work for Audit by Chérie?
    • To ensure that each client receives my undivided attention and a fully tailored service, I work with one client at a time. This approach allows me to dedicate all my resources and expertise to your website's specific needs. To secure a spot on my calendar, a 15% non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit is part of my commitment to providing you with a personalized, thorough audit experience. Once the deposit is made, your audit is scheduled, and we begin the journey towards enhancing your website’s performance and potential. You can learn more about the process in the 'How It Works' section below.

  • What Does the Website Optimization Audit Process Involve?
    • My audit process involves a thorough review and analysis of your website, focusing on analytics, strategy, design, user experience, content, functionality and SEO (on-page and technical). I also use a detailed checklist and external user feedback to ensure all key aspects are evaluated. Continue below to see the step-by-step approach I take in the ‘How It Works’ section.

  • Is The Report Right for Me?
      • The Report is specifically designed for business owners who identify with the following scenarios:

        • You’re a B2C Business Owner: Despite being able to audit any type of website, I focus mainly on B2C websites to incorporate my extensive consumer expertise.

        • You're Concerned About Your Website's Performance: If you've noticed your website isn't converting traffic as expected or you simply want to maximize your current results, The Report provides detailed insights to address these issues.

        • You Feel Overwhelmed by Technical Details: The Report breaks down complex technical information into understandable insights, guiding you through improvements.

        • You Seek Actionable, Not Just Theoretical, Advice: The Report goes beyond just identifying problems; it offers practical, actionable steps tailored to your unique website needs.

        • You Want to Optimize Without Overhauling: If you're looking to enhance what you already have rather than starting from scratch, The Report focuses on maximizing your existing site's potential.

      • It's important to note that while The Report can significantly improve your website's conversion rate, external (non-website) factors influencing online success, like market trends, advertisements, customer/lead quality or business strategy, will not be covered. The Report is ideal if you're looking for focused, in-depth insights to make informed improvements within your website's control.

  • Can You Guarantee an Increase in Conversions?
    • While my focus is on enhancing critical elements of your website like design, user experience, copy, and SEO, all of which are key to improving conversion rates, it's crucial to understand that the overall conversion process involves more than just website optimization.

    • Conversions, such as purchases, sign-ups, form contacts or downloads, can be influenced by various aspects beyond your website. These include market trends, customer behavior, the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and even how you respond to customer inquiries. Although I aim to significantly improve your website's potential for conversions through targeted improvements, it's important to recognize that these external factors also play a vital role.

    • For example, if you're a business coach aiming to boost bookings and leveraging ads to drive traffic, the relevance of your ads, the quality of your email campaigns, and your responsiveness to inquiries are crucial. Additionally, the extent to which you implement the audit recommendations can greatly impact the outcome.

    • In essence, my audit is designed to optimize your website in areas known to increase conversions among your target audience. This includes improving site speed, ensuring your copy is engaging and consistent, making navigation intuitive, and guiding visitors towards desired actions. However, guaranteeing a specific increase in conversions is not feasible due to the myriad of factors involved, both on and off your website. My goal is to equip you with the tools and insights needed to enhance these key website elements, thus positioning your site to capitalize on potential conversion opportunities effectively.

  • What Does the SEO Analysis in The Report Include?
      • The SEO analysis in The Report is specifically tailored to on-page and technical aspects of your website. It includes:

        • On-Page SEO Assessment: Evaluating elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, and content relevance to ensure they are aligned with best SEO practices.

        • Technical SEO Review: Inspecting technical factors like site speed, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure, which are crucial for search engine rankings.

        • Side-by-Side Competitor Analysis: Providing a comparative look at how your website's SEO stacks up against your competitors, offering strategic insights for improvement.

        • Keyword Checks: Ensuring that your site utilizes the most effective keyword in optimal locations, enhancing your search engine visibility.

        • Full Website Crawl: Identifying on-page SEO issues across all pages. This level of detail provides much deeper actionable strategies.

      • This detailed analysis is designed to pinpoint areas where your website can be optimized for search engines and user experience, improving its visibility and ranking. By focusing on these crucial on-page and technical elements, The Report offers actionable recommendations to enhance your website's SEO performance.

  • How Does the SEO Analysis in The Report Differ from the Free SEO Report?
    • The free SEO report is a great starting point, offering initial insights into your website's SEO status. In contrast, the SEO analysis in The Report is far more comprehensive. It includes a full website crawl to identify on-page SEO issues across all pages, an in-depth competitor analysis for strategic positioning, and a thorough keyword search to optimize key website components. This level of detail provides a much deeper understanding of your website's SEO health and actionable strategies for significant improvement.

  • What Makes Audit by Chérie Different from Other Services?
    • Unlike many full-service agencies, Audit by Chérie specializes in providing personalized, detailed website optimization audits without any bias towards selling additional services. My approach is focused on delivering practical, actionable recommendations tailored to your specific website and business goals. Plus, I work with only one client at a time, ensuring you receive my full attention and expertise.

  • How Long Does the Audit Take?
    • The time it takes to complete the audit depends on the size and complexity of your website. Typically, the process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, ensuring that every aspect of your site is thoroughly reviewed. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and detailed audit without compromising on quality.

  • Can I Add Additional Services to My Package?
    • Absolutely! You can enhance your audit with a video walkthrough for a more interactive review of the audit findings. Additionally, if you need help setting up apps, software, automations, or any other technical aspect, I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

  • How Does the Pricing of The Report Compare to Other Services?
    • The Report offers comprehensive, expert analysis at a price point that is highly competitive in the market. While some services charge several thousand dollars for SEO audits alone, The Report is designed to cover your strategy, funnel, user experience, design, content, and SEO for less. It's about getting top-tier value without the top-tier price tag, making it a smart, budget-friendly choice for your website's optimization needs.

  • Will I Be Able to Implement the Recommendations Myself?
    • Yes, the recommendations are meticulously crafted to be clear and actionable, enabling you or your team to implement them independently! However, I understand that sometimes a little extra guidance can make a big difference. While I don't offer full-scale implementation services, I support clients with initial setup assistance for essential tools and platforms—whether it's one I've recommended directly or not. Please, feel free to reach out for support to ensure you're fully equipped to optimize your website's performance!

  • What if I Have Questions After Receiving My Report?
    • I am here to help! If you have any questions or need clarification on any part of the report, please feel free to reach out. Ensuring you have a clear understanding and path forward is a key part of my service.

Receive My Comprehensive Audit Report

How It Works

At Audit by Chérie, I focus on delivering a customized audit experience that aligns perfectly with your unique website needs. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Initial Review

Step 1

Review of Contact Form Details: The journey begins with an assessment of the information provided through the contact form. This will help me determine if a website optimization audit is needed, what value I can provide, and if your clientele aligns with my expertise.


Step 2

Fit Assessment and Proposal: If I’m confident The Report will be of value to your business, I'll send over a detailed proposal outlining the scope of our collaboration.

Intake and Analysis

Step 3

Payment and Intake Form: Upon agreement and receipt of payment, an in-depth intake form is sent to gather extensive details about your business.

Analytical Review: I meticulously review the provided information alongside your website's analytics to tailor my approach to your specific needs.

Website Review and Checklist

Step 4

Comprehensive Site Audit: I then conduct a thorough review of your website, followed by a comprehensive checklist to ensure no aspect is overlooked.

User Experience Testing

Step 5

External Walkthroughs: To gain additional perspectives, I arrange for external users in your target demographic to interact with your site, recording their actions and feedback for a holistic understanding of the user experience.

Report Creation

Step 6

Handwritten Audit: Combining my findings with user feedback, I create a detailed audit report, filled with clear and actionable recommendations.

Final Review and Video Walkthrough (if applicable): A final review of your site is conducted before preparing the report, and if requested, a video walkthrough is created to guide you through the findings.


Step 7

Report Submission: The completed audit report, along with the optional video walkthrough, is sent to you, marking the start of your website's transformation journey.

Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"​​I had the pleasure of working with Chérie. She completed a very thorough and comprehensive audit of my website and provide clear and concise feedback that was well balanced with constructive criticism for improvements. I would highly recommend Chérie for your business."

- Jess B, Online Business Manager (United States)


Choose from crafted packages designed to elevate your website’s efficiency.

Don’t see one that fits your needs? Please reach out for a custom service.

Service Description Price
(in USD)
Comprehensive Report + Video Analysis
  • In-depth PDF audit report covering analytics, strategy, user experience, design, content, and onsite SEO.
  • Covers all pages of your website.
  • Optional video review showing findings and recommendations.
  • Receive comprehensive insights and personalized recommendations tailored to your business goals.
Starting at $1200 Request Now
Ideal Customer Experience Walkthrough
  • Video walkthrough of the first-time website visit experience from the perspective of your ideal customer.
  • Doesn’t cover all pages and content, as I behave as a first-time visitor would.
  • Gain insights into user experience, identify pain points, and receive recommendations for improvement.
$350 Order Now
Technical Assistance
  • Expert support for app/software/automation setups and troubleshooting.
  • Seamlessly integrate essential tools and platforms to supercharge your website's functionality.
Starting at $80 Inquire Now
Audit by Chérie Optimization Guarantee Badge

Optimization Assurance Guarantee

Empowering Your Website's Success with Confidence

In every audit report I deliver through Audit by Chérie, my goal is not just to meet but to exceed your expectations. That's why I introduce the Optimization Assurance Guarantee – a commitment to the quality, clarity, and actionable nature of every report.

What You Can Expect

  • Customized, Actionable Insights: Your business is unique, and so should the audit report. I promise a report that's not only in-depth and comprehensive but also customized to fit your specific business needs, complete with clear, actionable steps.
  • 30-Day Post-Report Support: I extend my support beyond the report delivery. For 30 days following your report, you'll have direct access to me for any questions or clarifications, ensuring you are fully prepared to elevate your website.

If the Guarantee Isn't Met

  • Extended Support: If further assistance is required beyond the 30-day support, I will extend this period, providing additional guidance or in-depth consultations to ensure the successful implementation of the report's recommendations.

This guarantee is my way of ensuring that you feel confident and equipped to take your website to new heights. With Audit by Chérie, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your online success.

Photo of Audit by Chérie client

"​Chérie was very prompt and knowledgeable. She was able to complete my task in a very efficient manner and had great communication throughout the whole job. Thank you and would definitely use again!"

- Klaudia Slusarczyk, Platinum Spinal Centre (Australia)

Ready to Elevate Your Website?

Have questions or ready to start your website optimization journey? Reach out, and let's make your website a success. I aim to respond to all messages within 1 business day.