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Discover if an Audit Can Maximize Your Conversions

Embark on a journey to uncover the potential within your website. This 1-minute quiz leads you to understand whether a personalized optimization audit could be the key to transforming visits into valuable actions. Ready to unlock insights tailored just for you – and perhaps clinch a free custom SEO report? Let's dive in!

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Why Take The Quiz?

Every question in this quiz is a step closer to clarity – the kind that reveals how close you are to achieving a website that works as hard as you do. It's not just about spotting areas for improvement; it's about discovering opportunities to:

  • Elevate your site’s user experience
  • Enhance your SEO strategy for better visibility
  • Drive conversions with pinpoint precision
  • It only takes 1 minute, and you get a free personalized SEO report if recommended. What do you have to lose?
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An image showing a website analytics report | Audit by Chérie

"​Chérie had offered to help people with different problems and  I knew I needed help with sales funnels because I didn’t know what they were, what you put in them or how they could relate to my business.  She was excellent in finding out the problem I had and finding the answers - even asking whether I wanted a written or video answer!  She was easy to work with and found me not only something written but some illustrations to go with it so that I could get the exact information I needed.  This was beyond what she had initially intended to offer so I am delighted to recommend her."

- Anika D, Blogger (United States)

Chérie Oduwole from Audit by Chérie

About Your Guide

Hello! I'm Chérie Oduwole. At Audit by Chérie, I'm committed to enhancing the performance of B2C websites. My 10-year journey through customer experience, website development and guiding strategies for various businesses has shown me the undeniable power of targeted optimization to elevate a website’s overall performance.

You've arrived here, driven by curiosity and the anticipation of what could be. You're exploring whether an optimization audit can unlock the full potential of your website. This quiz is your first step towards that discovery.

What You Gain:
  • Insightful Evaluation: A clearer understanding of your website's current optimization status.
  • Potential Unlocked: Insights into whether a personalized audit could drive better conversions and engagement.
  • Free Custom SEO Report: The opportunity to receive a custom SEO report, tailored to your site's needs, should the quiz results indicate a potential for significant improvement.
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An image showing a website analytics report | Audit by Chérie

Are You Ready to Transform Your Website's Performance?

Your journey to a more effective, conversion-optimized website begins with a simple step. Take the quiz now to explore the potential for an audit to revolutionize your online presence. And remember, qualifying sites receive a free custom SEO report to kickstart your optimization journey.

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